Electronic Music Festivals in the United Kingdom

Electronic music has always been my safe haven. I remember fondly the days when I was younger and my mother used to sneak me in. From the age of 14, I’ve always been to at least one Electronic music festival a year. As a 24 year old now, it continues to be one of the aspects of who I am.

When I was 14, my Mom thought I looked old enough to be able to get into Bang Face. If you are familiar with this event that’s been around since the Early 2000’s, you might know how abstract this event truly is. The people in attendance or usually slightly off the mainstream path, or at least they are when they are at the event. So many people are dressed up in colorful attire, with bracelets, colored hair, flashing lights on their body, and are ready to party. When I had arrived with Mom, I knew this would be an experience like I’ve never had before.

electronic music festival

aaron funk bang faceUnlike my friends from school (who were also my age haha), these types of people were those that I had not yet been familiar with. This was a different type of scene. Luckily, my mom had helped me dress for the occasion, so I did not quite feel out of place. She’s done this for many years, so she got right into leading the way. Once we walked into the venue, there had already been a DJ playing and spraying paint into the crowd of everyone giggin’ to the music. My mom grabbed my hand and we skipped towards the music.

When we got fully into the crowd and had settled into place, one of the things that put me completely at ease was the people we had arrived next too waved hello at us and passed around high-fives, then, the beat dropped. Everyone around started jumping to the pace of the music and lights started flashing. The music was overwhelmingly powerful and tickled my senses forcing a smile out of me and my feet to leave the ground. I suddenly was in a bliss of fantasy of flashing colors, friendly people, covered in paint, a bright smile on my face, and absolute happiness. Thank

Thank you Bang Face.