We Are FSTVL Might Have Been the Most Fun Show I Went To

electric music festival

I’ve been to many festivals in my time, heck I’ve been to three this year already, but the We Are FSTVL is on a different level altogether. Not only does it have amazing music, but it puts a lot of focus on having a good time, and you can downright take as much advantage as you’d like to ensure you have a memorable weekend.

The first thing that I fell in love with at We Are was the fact that it’s not only a massive festival, but it’s got a massive campsite to accompany it. Now one thing that struck me as awesome is how the place calls itself the ‘Airfield of Dreams’.  I can never forget that. It really is a place of dreams. A festival site with hot tubs? Honestly, that’s enough to persuade me to go to anything, never mind any of the other cool things it has compared to any other fest.

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the manitoba music festivalWe Are is more than just a festival. When you’re there, you feel part of something really special. The place gives off such a uniting aura, even if you are smacking each other in the face with pillows, really hard. Yeah, that’s right. There’s a huge ass pillow fight, seriously. There’s also a giant ball pit. For adults. ‘Airfield of Dreams’, am I right? I’m pretty sure that at one point I even walked in on a marriage taking place, and even if it was just a mock-up one for fun, everyone seemed in love. Don’t worry though, if you’re all drained and out of love by the end of a heavy night, there’s the We Are welfare area open to anyone for a hug and a chat, right by their well-equipped hospital on site. They really thought of everything.

The weather throughout the whole weekend was amazing, and the vibe was one to die for. I’m not a morning person by any definition of the phrase, but there’s an amazing morning rave for all the early birds around, and even I took part. There’s also the crazy idea of a sports day, with the 3-legged race making an appearance (making sure to plant faces right into the ground, as always), there’s also an egg & spoon race and a crazy tug of war that will definitely surprise you! All free to take part in, by the way, as if it wasn’t awesome enough.

If you’re thinking of taking the weekend off but you’re not sure if you should, I beg you, go for it! You will love yourself for it, and it’s something you’ll never forget. Believe me! If you’re lucky enough to get a VIP pass like I did you’ll have an amazing hassle-free experience and you won’t even need to bring your own tent; but if not, you’ll still have the time of a lifetime and you’ll come back with many a story to tell.