Deadmau5 Is Going to Be at Cream fields This August!


Yay! Creamfields is here again, I am so excited. If you have never attended music festival before Cream fields 2017 is the place to be.

What Is Creamfields About

Creamfields is an electronic music dance fervent, basically a dance and music inclined festival, with the ability to accommodate over 70,000 will be held at Daresbury, Cheshire countryside on the 24th through to the 27th of August, it’s going to be 20 years now since it made its debut. Commanding a superb array of the big names from of Electronic Dance Music, House, Trance and loads of others to the UK for August bank holiday. And guess that’s the cast for this year, yeah you guessed right Deadmau5! I’ve been saving up all year working for my uncle’s pest control company,, to be able to go this year. It’s going to be well worth it!

The festival is such a feat that it has attained global recognition, leading to it being organized globally since 1999; Creamfields has touched 18 nations around the world. Year after year the Fiesta graduates and as polished its production; massive stage constructions, light shows and dazzling display are now a part of the whole festival experience. Planners have guaranteed to make-to-make this year’s edition its largest display yet.  A few things you should have when coming to Creamfields.

You want to be sure you have every essential you need if you are going to be camping at Daresbury. So I will give you a list of your essentials you need at Creamfields music festival;

  • Bottled Water

Summer, of course, temperatures would be quite high and you’re going to be jumping all day and night, you might want to remain hydrated.


  • Food and Drinks

Those camping are allowed one crate into the campground. Although you would have numerous options of food at Creamfields.

  • Analgesic

With all the loud sound and poor sleep, your head is going to be pretty jamming. Painkillers would come in handy.

  • Masking Tape

There might be a need to seal a hole in your tent, also to keep your stuff together before arriving at the campground

  • Hand Sanitizer

You are going to be sharing a lot of basic sanitary facilities at the camp and we all know how that goes. A bottle of a hand sanitizer and some baby wipes to help stay fresh all day.

  • Trash Bags

This might not seem important to you, but with all the litter at the festival, you could be a patriot by helping out with the staff at the festival, to help keep the place neat. In addition, just in case the weather decides to play a fast one you have got yourself a ready to use a poncho.

  • Sun Lotion

You are going to be exposed to lots of amount of sun rays as you would be outdoors most of the time. Sun lotion to take you those three days could be a life saver.


  • Entry Ticket

Yeah, you don’t want to forget this, imagine you got to the camp entry and security asked to see your tickets and you don’t have them on you. Yeah right, you don’t want to imagine that.