I Am Going To The Movement Electronic Music Festival In Detroit!

Yaay!! The Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit is here again; I have so much gusto already. My attendance in previous editions as left me with so much to look forward to.



What Is The Movement Electronic Music Festival

The Movement Electronic Music Festival is an electronic dance music festival held once a year in Detroit on every Memorial Day as far back as 2000, it is the leading site in electronic music, a symbolic festival to be experienced. Held yearly at the Hart Plaza in Detroit, the music festival gives homage to the lush dance music scene of the Motor City. It attracts sections of jazz, hip-hop and funk, situated with the magnificent vista of Detroit in the background.

Packed with thousands of electronic music followers, it will showcase 110 acts on six platforms at the Hart Plaza this weekend. With more than 30000 envisaged to turn up at the open-air showdown each day, there would be art exhibitions, lots of pre-parties and after parties all over the metropolis. Stars that have graced the festival include Carl Cox, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Kevin Sanderson, Delano Smith, Jamie Jones and many others.


I Am Going To Be There

The Movement Electronic Music Festival is quite distinct from another electronic festival in the country, there are predominant attributes that make the festival distinctive; the setting, the music (oh yeah) and the folks who troop in every year. Calling the Movement Electronic Music Festival America’s leading electronic music festival is an underestimation to how wonderful the movement is. Since inception, the movement has been called different names but it’s basically always been similar. Notwithstanding skyrocketing hotel and rental rates you could still go on a budget. Everyone at the movement is just out to have a good time from the acts to the cops to the crowd. There is always something for everybody at the movement



Reasons Why I Am Going For The Festival


  • It is history-in-the-making.
  • The setting is just awesome: Aside Detroit being the origin of techno, the Hart Plaza is a beautiful place to have a fiesta. The scenery provided by Detroit’s skyline is amazing.
  • It’s happening in Detroit: Folks from Detroit are passionate about techno; the crowd is welcoming and expectant leading to great musical experience.
  • The mind-blowing sound: You might want to have your hearing plugs with you to the festival, at mindboggling levels the sound crew has got their game on.
  • The after parties: Oh yeah! For most this when it all gets started. This is the experience! You might want to bear in mind it’s going to be all night.
  • Top notch management: Big ups to the organizers and the management company for raising the standard year in year out.
  • The assembly of acts is long and awesome: You could actually get to see your two favourite acts at the same time because all five stages are in proximity to each other.