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We Are FSTVL Might Have Been the Most Fun Show I Went To

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I’ve been to many festivals in my time, heck I’ve been to three this year already, but the We Are FSTVL is on a different level altogether. Not only does it have amazing music, but it puts a lot of focus on having a good time, and you can downright take as much advantage as you’d like to ensure you have a memorable weekend.

The first thing that I fell in love with at We Are was the fact that it’s not only a massive festival, but it’s got a massive campsite to accompany it. Now one thing that struck me as awesome is how the place calls itself the ‘Airfield of Dreams’.  I can never forget that. It really is a place of dreams. A festival site with hot tubs? Honestly, that’s enough to persuade me to go to anything, never mind any of the other cool things it has compared to any other fest.

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Electronic Music Festivals in the United Kingdom

Electronic music has always been my safe haven. I remember fondly the days when I was younger and my mother used to sneak me in. From the age of 14, I’ve always been to at least one Electronic music festival a year. As a 24 year old now, it continues to be one of the aspects of who I am.

When I was 14, my Mom thought I looked old enough to be able to get into Bang Face. If you are familiar with this event that’s been around since the Early 2000’s, you might know how abstract this event truly is. The people in attendance or usually slightly off the mainstream path, or at least they are when they are at the event. So many people are dressed up in colorful attire, with bracelets, colored hair, flashing lights on their body, and are ready to party. When I had arrived with Mom, I knew this would be an experience like I’ve never had before.

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