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I Am Going To The Movement Electronic Music Festival In Detroit!

Yaay!! The Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit is here again; I have so much gusto already. My attendance in previous editions as left me with so much to look forward to.



What Is The Movement Electronic Music Festival

The Movement Electronic Music Festival is an electronic dance music festival held once a year in Detroit on every Memorial Day as far back as 2000, it is the leading site in electronic music, a symbolic festival to be experienced. Held yearly at the Hart Plaza in Detroit, the music festival gives homage to the lush dance music scene of the Motor City. It attracts sections of jazz, hip-hop and funk, situated with the magnificent vista of Detroit in the background.

Packed with thousands of electronic music followers, it will showcase 110 acts on six platforms at the Hart Plaza this weekend. With more than 30000 envisaged to turn up at the open-air showdown each day, there would be art exhibitions, lots of pre-parties and after parties all over the metropolis. Stars that have graced the festival include Carl Cox, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Kevin Sanderson, Delano Smith, Jamie Jones and many others.


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Raving At My First Electric Daisy Carnival


Few more weeks before another electric daisy carnival and I’m so excited. The songs from the carnival re-echo in my head. I have seen the lineup for 2017 and I am really thrilled, the lineup is so lit. First off I should say I am a follower of good music, I listen to a wide range of songs across different genres, I have attended rap, pop, rock, jazz and rap musical concerts but I had not been to the electric daisy carnival. My first electric daisy carnival experience was in 2016, I will share my experience shortly.

What Is The Electric Daisy Carnival About

The Electric Daisy Carnival, popularly referred to as EDC, is among the largest electronic dance music carnivals on the planet. Started in the early 1990’s, the carnival has grown in popularity and size, with attendance increasing every consecutive year. The mother of all EDC’s is organized in Las Vegas, all big electronic producers and DJ’s stage performances at all the venues across the US.

I first heard about the Electric Daisy Carnival when I was visiting my grandma at her home. She told me about her time in the 60’s attending massive concerts. I told her my favorite type of music was Electronic music and that’s when someone who was taking care of my grandma on behalf of told me about the Electric Daisy Carnival. I heard everything I had hoped from an electronic music festival and more. Here’s my story.


My First Electric Daisy Carnival Experience

MY first EDC experience was in 2016 held at Speedway, Vegas; it’s a three-day event running from sun-up to sun-down every day. It was quite hot at Vegas even in the evenings, with different stages offering varying kind of EDM song; there were five massive stages and a bunch of other little ones that could accommodate fifty people thereabout. Each stage had a different feel and look which was quite cool, I came in company of my friends as a newbie, and the stages had lots of stunning lights with attractive moving colours all around them. One of my highlights of the carnival is the firecracker show that lasted for about ten minutes, the sound engineers did an awesome job with the sound that sound from surrounding stages didn’t affect your experience.Read More »

The Best Part About Electronic Music Festivals!


Electronic music festivals are, in my opinion, the best type of festival you could ever spend your time at. There are so many things to love, from the atmosphere to the drinks, and especially the people! It would actually be hard for me to say what I think the best thing is, but I could definitely give you a list of the things I like best.

In the summer of 2016, I decided to go to my first electronic music festival. It was amazing! Electronic Dance Music boasts some of the best beats on this planet, and I loved every tune that came on. It’s pretty obvious that if you’re at an electronic music festival you probably love electronic music, but believe me when I say it’s just a different vibe altogether compared to anything you will have experienced. I know I felt that way. It made me chuckle thinking about the DJ at my usual club frantically trying to find the next house song that we’d feel forced to dance to. Electronic music festivals are so different, with all the different genres and songs they go through, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

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Deadmau5 Is Going to Be at Cream fields This August!


Yay! Creamfields is here again, I am so excited. If you have never attended music festival before Cream fields 2017 is the place to be.

What Is Creamfields About

Creamfields is an electronic music dance fervent, basically a dance and music inclined festival, with the ability to accommodate over 70,000 will be held at Daresbury, Cheshire countryside on the 24th through to the 27th of August, it’s going to be 20 years now since it made its debut. Commanding a superb array of the big names from of Electronic Dance Music, House, Trance and loads of others to the UK for August bank holiday. And guess that’s the cast for this year, yeah you guessed right Deadmau5! I’ve been saving up all year working for my uncle’s pest control company,, to be able to go this year. It’s going to be well worth it!

The festival is such a feat that it has attained global recognition, leading to it being organized globally since 1999; Creamfields has touched 18 nations around the world. Year after year the Fiesta graduates and as polished its production; massive stage constructions, light shows and dazzling display are now a part of the whole festival experience. Planners have guaranteed to make-to-make this year’s edition its largest display yet.  A few things you should have when coming to Creamfields.

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Everyone In a Good Mood at Electronic Music Festivals So Make Friends!


I’ve been to a few electronic music festivals, and at every one of them, I’ve made heaps of friends, most of which I still talk to now. I love that; how the music can bring us closer together. It doesn’t even matter what genre you’re into, or which headline act you’ve come to see when you’re together, you’re together. If you’ve ever been to an electronic music festival you’ll know what I mean, and if you haven’t, I’ll try to explain it a little more in detail.

The electronic music covers a wide range of genres, from European Dance Music (my fave!) to Techno (tied favourite actually) to House (they’re all my favourites, damn!). With the genres come the people, and electronic music attracts people from all walks of life. This is a big thing that makes the festivals so great, everyone is so open, and they’ve all come to enjoy the music. The fact that electronic music is so prone to making everyone bust out their dance moves does help, and you’ll soon loosen up once the beat drops, if you haven’t already.


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